Torah Portion Paintings and Art Book


“Fun, colorful pictures illustrate the great themes of the Torah. This beautiful hardcover book by Chana Alchadeff uses English and Hebrew to recall the wonderful stories of the Jewish Matriarchs, Patriarchs, and Prophets. This is a great tool to help educate and celebrate our heritage – a great addition to any library.”

- Miriam and Jerry Kaner


teach your children

The Book Teach Your Children is a stunning visual journey through the Torah (Old Testament Bible) and Haftorah (Book of Prophets) portions of the Old Testament. In Chana Alchadeff’s beautiful coffee table book, her paintings showcase and illuminate quotations drawn from the Hebrew text in engaging and evocative ways.

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parasha paintings

Imagine hanging on the wall of your home an exquisite painting of your favorite Torah (Old Testament Bible) portion.  Chana has painted every portion of Torah and its corresponding Haftorah (Book of Prophets) portion into one beautiful painting.  The Torah and Haftorah come to life in each of her spectacular paintings.

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